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VIDEO: Neo – “Bottle Pali Love”

VIDEO: Neo – “Bottle Pali Love”

The King Of Hearts ,Neo Slayer Zambia is back on the scene only this time serving a controversial yet factual state of society when it “Love & Relationships” Take time to listen and watch this latest single off his upcoming album and it’s titled

“Bottle Pali Love” which unpacks just how most parts of society today would rather settle for beverage of alcohol or a night out with friends as opposed to loving or keeping up with day to day relationship drama.

From Nexus Music Entertainment powerhouse – Neo, Zambian R&B-pop singer has released the music video for his new single, Bottle Pali Love meaning “choosing beer over love & heartbreaks” The video, which is set in a club, features

Zambian R&B/pop singer Neo, who is clad in all white and singing about a love that has gone sour. The clip was shot by one of Zambia’s topping director Lanzee Cooper.