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VIDEO: Fly Jay x Daev Zambia – “Jungle”

In the Concrete Jungle, the Key word is “Survival” and “Success”. Whether one has a white collar or a blue collar Job, people are only interested in seeing what you have to bring on the table…. Money earned by a Conductor, Taxi Driver, A Musician, Doctor or Teacher is still money….People go through anything just to earn a living…..on this particular song “Jungle” The 8 year Old Rapper Fly Jay signed Under Black billionaire Records/ Kadoli Music Takes us on a Journey of an Ordinary Person’s Daily Hustle to earn a Living, not over looking the fact that life has its ups and downs,and that not all days are Sundays….The late Daev Zambia (R.I.P) Delivers a catchy Chorus that will have you singing Along like your life depended on it……the both Bring forth a Music Project that might stand the hands of time and that might cut across All ages.

"Jonathan Majula" Also Known As 'ZingTouch' Is A Zambian Music Producer | Website Developer | Creative Force behind ZedHits.com
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