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NEWS: I Couldn’t Be With Mwizukanji Because She Already Has Children – “Yo Maps”


What seemed to be a fairy tale has crumbled after the upcoming artist Yo Maps was spotted on different occasions with a different slay queen from UNILUS who he Introduced as his girlfriend.

Yo maps further narrated that he was just taking advantage of the situation to make a name for himself by being loving to promote his music.

A close friend to the superstar further explained that mwizukanji was just too desperate and got pregnant to early to trap yo maps.

It has been almost 4months since yo maps left her and started staying with his best friends mr starsh on the beat.

His new girlfriend has on several occasions bragged about how he was only doing mwizukanji a favor by promising her marriage so that she doesn’t feel bad about her ugly self because people kept bullying her.

Yo maps has on different occasions insulted and talked ill of his baby mama (ex) saying she is not his type and he can not be responsible for taking care of her kids.

According to our source ,The two were set to get married this September unfortunately it has been called off.

Yo maps mentioned he bought the jaguar just to make a name for himself.

Yo maps further added that he was never happy and that’s why he has no regret cheating on her with his allegedly ex Faith chisanga who was seeing kissing in the car as that video was very recent.

Mwizukanji defended me because she didn’t want to get embarrassed but am not ready for anything serious with her he said.

He also said it’s now that am seeing that she is really ugly my level deserves better.

Her and her family can use the money I paid them to start a business or anything like that.

She gave me a child and I still have doubts if the child is truly mine because she looks nothing like me

His new girlfriend has been seen with the finally hit maker on several occasions and romantic dates

We only wish Mwizukanji to stay strong

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